Nonformal educational programmes for the unemployed

Author :

The Slovenian Ministry of Education, Science and Sport

Duration :

1.1.2018 – 31.10.2018

Target group of learners:

The target group are unemployed persons who are registered at the Slovenian Employment Centre

Institutions involved :

Public institutions for adult education

Goals / Objectives :

The objective of the call for tenders is to increase the employment of unemployed persons and the ability to raise participation in lifelong learning.

Structure / Contents :

A modern economy it is based on sectors, stressing the development of innovation and knowledge. With the internationalization of the business integration into the common European market and proctor, rapidly evolving communication tools, computer skills and knowledge of foreign languages has become a necessity. Jobs require personnel with the competencies in the field of human knowledge of computer science, foreign languages, intercultural capabilities, management of interpersonal relationships to work with the parties and the use of ICT technologies, both for work as for independent learning and advancement. By raising these competences and life-long engagement in both formal as informal programmes, human capital, value added, which helps him in employment, mobility, both on a personal and professional as the geographical level, personal development and thus to the competitiveness in the labour market.

In the context of this project, carried out various educational programs that are offered to improve the competences of the unemployed: computer programs (word, exel), language courses (English, German, Italian, Russian), Preparations for the exam in English, exam of German and Italian language at the national testing centre, the Program preparation for professional entrance examination of the administrative procedure. The basic objectives of the project were: a high-quality implementation of the training programmes for the unemployed, increase their employment potential and the involvement of adults in lifelong learning.

All programs included making a personal educational plan with consultants. We offered participants the possibility of assistance and training at the Centre for self-study.

Methods / Animation :

Content of the programme was passed in combination of theoretical lectures and exercises, where participants are actively involved and keep consolidating their skills. In making the theory was used frontal learning format, supplemented by the method of interpretation, discussion, demonstrations. Used forms and working methods have been adapted to the context, the interests of the Group and the needs of the labour market.

Before the implementation of the programme, the following activities were carried out: the motivation of the unemployed to participate in the program, an introductory interview with participants and preparation of the implementation plan for the group. In the course of education consultant was providing assistance to participants in learning, monitoring progress, and advice before, during and after the completion of the program.

Evaluation / Feedback :

After completing the training, the participants passed a written test of knowledge. After the completion of each set of content through dialogues, games, applications and practical products  we determined the progress of participants.

The participants also completed the evaluation through which they evaluated the program itself, teachers, consultants with whom they have worked hard and with possible suggestions for improvement.

Certified by / Not certified :

Participants in all programs have received a certificate of completion of the program with achived competences.

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