Programme for Greek Language teaching Applicable to Migrants and other foreign Language speaking residents of Cyprus

Author :

Ministry of Education and Culture (MOEC)

Duration :

The duration of the courses was 1 school year

Target group of learners:

• Residents of Cyprus over 15 years of age, who are migrants and/or foreign language speakers, are entitled to apply for participation to the programme • Repatriated Cypriots and repatriates • Foreigners • Asylum seekers and • Illiterates

Institutions involved :

Ministry of Education and Culture

Goals / Objectives :

To help those participating in the programme to:

·         Develop networks of contacts

·         Expand their job opportunities

·         Get acquainted with the practical aspects of daily life

Participate in the political, cultural and social affairs of Cyprus

Structure / Contents :

Greek language courses were offered at three different levels: Level A’, for persons who are beginners or have minimum knowledge of Greek, Level B’, for persons who have basic oral and written Greek language skills, and Level C’, for persons who can communicate at a satisfactory degree orally and in writing. The basic goal at all levels was to upgrade and strengthen these skills.

Classes took place between November and May of each school period. Small groups, consisting of 10 to 15 trainees attended classes lasting 90 minutes, twice a week. The courses were free of charge and were conducted by experienced teachers of the Greek language, specially trained in adult education.

In addition, there was a possibility for employers to ask for Greek courses for their employees in their working environment (if there is a sufficient number of employees and a descent environment for having classes)

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