Randstad Employment Agency

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Randstad Employment Agency

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Target group of learners:

Low skille dadult

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Goals / Objectives :

Identify Dutch speaking job seekers with low literacy

Identify the size of the target population

Investigate the impact of literacy courses on finding a job

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The Randstad Employment Agency in the Dutch towns of Groningen and Zwolle has piloted the use of Taalmeter - an online literacy screener - to identify adults who may potentially have low levels of literacy that might affect their chances of finding a job. Job seekers using the Randstad Employment Agency are tested for potential literacy difficulties and then may be directed to local literacy courses that will increase their chances of finding a job. The literacy screener was developed by the Stichtung Lezen & Schrijven (Reading and Writing Foundation) and consists of 24 multiple choice questions. Taalmeter does not measure literacy levels, but indicates whether users may have language and literacy difficulties.

One of the strengths of this initiative is the immediate referral of clients to further literacy support in order to improve their chances of finding a job. Job seekers identified as being in need of literacy support are directed to the regional Taalhuis (Literacy House) where they receive support in improving their literacy levels. The Taalhuis is a partnership between local agencies with an interest in supporting reading and writing. These include such as local libraries, regional training centres, local volunteer organisations and private language providers.

The Taalhuis supports clients in finding the appropriate course to support their literacy development. It provides information on all available literacy courses in the region and can test clients in order to develop a better understanding of individual literacy needs.


The Randstad Employment Agency is also working with the University of Maastricht to research the extent to which a literacy course may improve job seekers’ chances of finding a job and how much more self-reliant they might become after attending a literacy course.

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