Improve your Catalan level

Author :

Miraculosa Miró Ripoll

Duration :

10 weeks

Target group of learners:

Adult learners and older adults, 50+ learners in general who are native speakers of Catalan or who speak Catalan fluently but do not have adequate writing skills.

Institutions involved :

Open Europe, NGO that works with topics such as long life learning process and social problems.

Goals / Objectives :

Improve the students’ attention, concentration and memory through poetry and narrative story- telling using social networks:

1. Work at long-term memory. 2. Become more confident with information and communication technologies. 3. Improve writing skills. Write every day 4. Improve reading skills. Read every day. Recite. 5. Learn and practice basic norms of orthography. 6. Communicate through different means. 7. Learn how to learn (including to learn by him/herself). 8. Work at the language expressions/figures that cannot be lost (tangible and intangible cultural heritage). 9. Preserve the environment (natural, educational, emotional).

Structure / Contents :

Course of 10 face – to- face classes of 1.5 h each one. Term 10 weeks.

The structure of each unit is based around a poem: to discuss in class, to produce narrative texts relating to the topic and expose them in social networks and to learn by heart. This is the starting point to work at orthography, morph syntax and vocabulary.  This work is done within a week between face-to-face sessions using social networks, working with screenshots of the fragments of narrations made by learners.

At the classroom, the first 10-15 minutes of each class is dedicated to a summary of the norms/rules/vocabulary units worked during the week and feedback of the learners. 

Methods / Animation :

Eclectic” method: combination of reading, writing narrative texts, reciting, using technologies (such as social networks and online interactive exercises: WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook).

A learner decides what he/she wants to learn and choose an activity he/she wants to participate from the offer proposed by a mentor/course designer. 

To learn for an older learner also means to work at memory, attention and concentration. These abilities are necessary for a learning process in all the ages, but at the third age if you don’t work at them, they are lost. 

Evaluation / Feedback :

The weekly evaluation was done with the platform “Storify”, using the tweets with the hashtags corresponding to the course weeks, where learners could see their progress.

Storify was a social network service that let the user create stories or timelines using social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It is no longer available.

Besides, there are YouTube publications of the recited poems, individually and in a group.


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