English @ Edrissis "An attempt to integrate the teaching of the English language & ICT, using MUSIC as a mere pretext."

Author :

Jesús Canca Lara

Duration :

Course starting 2010 to 2018

Target group of learners:


Goals / Objectives :

1. To help adults acquire the basic life skills and skills necessary for personal development, their future work and active European citizenship. 2. To help in particular people who have left the educational system without a basic education with the objective that they have alternative opportunities to access adult education. 3. Encourage greater participation in lifelong learning of all ages and increase levels of motivation in students. 4. Contribute to the development of quality permanent learning and promote educational innovation. 5. Encourage the learning of modern Foreign Languages. 6. Support the development of innovative content and practices based on ICT. 7. Favor "self-learning". 8. Increase the quality and the European dimension in the field of adult education. 9. Improve pedagogical approaches in adult education.

Structure / Contents :

It is a blog, whose blog structure has two pillars, entries (they are based on a music video related to a specific theme of student interest, which is accompanied by a series of tasks related to the development of language skills) and resources (online dictionaries, directories and models for the evaluation of the Final Projects, examples of projects prepared by the students, recommended links for students, blogs recommended for teachers, popular posts, author's notes)

Methods / Animation :

Among those competencies considered vital for a lifetime of successful participation in society, in our opinion, the development of both the Linguistic Competence and the Digital Competence are two sides of the same coin: the general educational development of the student.

At the same time they also clearly contribute to the development of another Key Competence, Learning-to-Learn, that -as we all know- is crucial in the educative context (Adult Education).

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