About the project

The project "How to Trigger Primary Motivation for Learning in Low Educated Adults Using ICT Tools" is meant to empower adult educators offering them and constructing with them knowledge and skills needed for working with low- educated and low-skilled adult learners wanting to trigger their primary motivation for learning.
To this end, different motivational strategies, methods and techniques will be surveyed, collected, and offered to adult educators, asking them to test and evaluate them in adult educational centres in their respective countries.

Additionally, wanting to make these tools accessible to an international audience, an open educational platform will be created comprising interactive resources for adult educators and other practitioners. It will include literature and references on literacy, motivation, learning and teaching strategies in partners’ languages as well as a survey of best practices in the field of basic skills teaching for adult learners; an online interactive handbook of already existing motivational strategies used by adult educators working with low- educated and low skilled adult learners.
The ultimate goal of the project is to elaborate an online learning environment and thus upgrade adult educators’ professional competencies, i.e. knowledge, learning and teaching strategies, face-to- face and on-line methods and formats (webinars) and techniques helping adult educators to train low educated and low skilled 45+ workers as well as trigger and maintain their primary motivation for learning. Moreover, the project will foster and provide grounds for highly professional national and cross-border cooperation in the field of adult educators’ professional competencies and their learning.

Project number: 2017-1-ES01-KA204-038414


Time line

  • Multiplier events1

    Žalec, Slovenia
    Host Organisation: UPI

  • Multiplier events2

    Nicosia, Cyprus
    Host Organisation: Eurosuccess Consulting

  • Multiplier events3

    Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Host Organisation: U3A

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