A blended course for educators will be elaborated within the project. The objective of the course is to improve the professional skills of adult educators, offering them the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to motivate low-educated and low-qualified adults and maintain them in education.

The knowledge acquired by adult educators in this course may be applied to different groups of adults with low educational levels, such as elderly people, NEETs, immigrants, unemployed, etc. in order to engage them in learning. Learning material - The course material will be available online to all adult educators who want to use it.
You can access the learning material in following languages:


You can learn more about adult motivation, literacy, learning and teaching strategies attending the webinars developed by expert authors and educators. A total of three webinars will be developed within the project.
If you expressed your interest in webinars during the registration on our website and signed up for our newsletter, you will get a notification about each upcoming session and its topic a week prior to the event.

"Definitions and concepts of functional literacy and functional illiteracy” and ”Ideas on how to approach illiterate learners"

"Storytelling and Animation techniques" and “Organising the learning environment"

“Discovering learners’ learning styles" and “ICT tools in adult education"

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