EU Report

To provide a scientific basis for developing a European Handbook for adult educators engaged in the field of low literacy (functional illiteracy), the partners of the LearnersMot project have conducted national surveys regarding education of low educated and low skilled adults in their countries. The results of the national surveys were then compared and interpreted in a European compiled report.

The goals of the national surveys were as follows:

  • to examine the awareness of the existence, meaning and nature of functional illiteracy in the selected countries;
  • to examine to what extent adult educators, perceive education of low literates as unique and different from other target groups in adult education;
  • to examine to what extent functional illiteracy in selected European countries is being dealt with through specific educational formats for adult educators;
  • to get an insight into the partners’ identified core needs in the field;
  • to find out the characteristics of low literate participants;
  • to examine the existing strategies for motivating low literates;
  • to find out about the types of educational processes applied;
  • to get an insight into the methods used in this type of education.

To download the National Reports:

Cyprus Italy Slovenia Spain

The EU compiled report is based on the results of the national research studies made by partners and the questionnaire applied in Cyprus, Italy, Slovenia, and Spain. The respondents were adult educators from various adult educational organisations or organisations dealing with social inclusion where adult education is an additional, though crucial activity.

The results contained in the EU compiled report will serve adult educators, providers of adult education, social workers, specialists in the field of social inclusion, experts dealing with social marginalization and characteristics of socially marginalized groups, experts in the field of dyslexia, employers, personal managers etc.

EU compiled report